3 thoughts on “Week 08 – Family Photo

  1. That’s a very interesting way to show family photos Christine, building a story with them. I was born just after WW2 also, in 1947, but have no siblings. I always enjoy seeing photos like this because sadly our home on the Cumbrian coast was flooded from the sea and we lost almost every photo we ever had except for one small album. The real treasure lost was one of my dad who was in the Coldstream Guards in his full uniform with red tunic and black bearskin hat.

    1. Hi Dr B Thanks for your supportive comments. I was very fortunate to have saved these particular photos into a new album for my mum and dad’s fiftieth wedding anniversary, as I lost the original family photo album in a house fire. Disasters such as these are awful, but fortunately, with today’s technology we do, at least, have a better chance of not losing them. My goal this year is to scan and file every photo I possess. It will take me all year!

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